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OPES MRF 2013 Ltd. was established in 2013 to support the recycling industry in the UK by dealing with the residues that arise from primary sorting processes at our customers’ sites.

Keeping Britain’s Resources Circulating by Supporting Our Recycling Industry

9 Years Of Waste Management

We aim to extract more environmental, financial and physical value from the incoming loads before consigning any non-recyclable elements for authorised disposal as the very last resort.

Waste Management

Waste Management Services


We run modern fully engineered, landfill sites, for non-recyclable residues. Pre-treated only.


We conduct regular testing on all materials before accepting them on-site.

Rail and construction

We work with partners on large construction projects UK-wide – supplying stone.

Waste Recycling – MRF

OPES squeeze every little bit of environmental value out of each tonne of waste we receive.

Aggregate Washing & Recycling

We at OPES recognise that stone is very precious – so new material is quarried with care and used, or secondary, aggregate is prioritised via sustainable reprocessing.


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

We are led by an entrepreneur with many years of business experience.
We have Technical Managers, highly experienced Plant Operators, Foremen, Supervisors and Operational Managers.
We also have Chemists, Sampling Specialists, Accountants and Administrators as part of a Support Team.

We Follow Best Practices

We are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and strive to lead, not just follow, industry best practices, with an aim for continuous improvement.

Continuously innovative
We support Social Value and staff development wherever we can
Reliably support the British Resources and Recycling Industry.
Always seeking solutions via our diverse staff Team, and cooperative links with our supply chain partners
Maximising sustainability and environmental value at all times and every step of the way through each of our processes.
Customer-focused, responsive and helpful wherever possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I just turn up with waste??

No. All our waste inputs are strictly tested before acceptance in order to comply with our Environmental Permits. Please submit an enquiry and somebody will contact You by return.

2. Is everything just landfilled?

No. All incoming material is treated and purged of any remaining recyclable elements prior to any disposal route being used.

3. What aggregates can you supply and how quickly?

This depends upon requirements, quantities and proposed use. Please submit an enquiry in the first instance.